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Ramsey County Property Search

Property records are official documents that contain information pertaining to a property's owner, the property's description and location, and any outstanding legal obligations linked with the property. A Ramsey County property search allows inquirers a means to look up property information and related Ramsey County Public Records within the allowable provisions of the law.

All property records are filed by property owners at the office of the Ramsey County Recorder and Registrar of Titles. Ramsey County property owners can file their property records with the aforementioned custodian either electronically, via the RecordEASE portal, or in person at the physical location of the County Recorder's Office.

The same office also makes them available for persons who wish to conduct a property search via several channels. The Ramsey County assessor also maintains a record database for all property located in the county. A property search helps a searcher to:

  • Verify the ownership of a property
  • Find out if there exists any legal encumbrance such as a lien or restriction on a property
  • Learn of the existence of any approvals or permits that have been issued on the property
  • Know the legal description of the property, including its boundaries and dimensions.

Are Ramsey County Property Records Public?

Yes. Per the Minnesota Data Practices Act (DPA), Ramsey County property records are public documents. This gives interested persons, residents and non-residents alike, the right to request and access property records from the Office of the Recorder and Registrar of Deeds.

Despite the provisions of the DPA, certain portions of the documents are redacted from public viewing if the custodian ascertains that disclosing the information may breach the property owner's privacy or security. Private or confidential property records are only made publicly available with the express written permission of the property owner.

What Do Ramsey County Property Records Contain?

There are different types of documents contained in property records. Furthermore, the information featured in property records varies with the type of document they contain and the custodian of the record. Common documents found in property records include deeds, liens, mortgages, judgments, court orders, and maps. Generally, all property records contain information about the property owner, its legal description, and tax information. During a property search, a person will typically find the following:

  • The identification number of the assessor
  • A physical description of the property, including additional features like ponds, sewers, flight paths, buildings, golf front, etc.
  • Assessment records and history
  • Change of ownership history
  • Name of the property's current owner
  • Parcel number or address.

Where to Perform a Ramsey County Property Lookup

There are two main custodians of property records in Ramsey County and both offices make them available for public access.

  • The Ramsey County Recorder and Registrar of Titles
  • The Ramsey County Property Assessor.

Both offices allow for physical inspection of records in their custody. Furthermore, the county maintains an online repository for all property records filed with the office of the Ramsey County property assessor. The RecordEASE platform can be used by residents to file property documents with the County assessor's office and also look up property records. People can also visit the county assessor's office at:

90 Plato Boulevard West
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107
Phone: (651) 266-2000

How to Perform a Property Owner Lookup in Ramsey County

Deeds are one of the most reliable means of finding property owner information as it is the official document that transfers ownership between the current owner and the person they purchased the property from. Property tax records also bear information about property owners.

The offices of the County Assessor and the County Recorder/Registrar of Titles offer property lookups both on their websites and at physical service locations located across the county. Alternatively, many private service providers provide websites where people can conduct property owner lookups. Either way, a searcher must be able to provide information to facilitate a property record search, including the parcel number or address of the property of interest.

How to Find Ramsey County Property Records Online

RecordEASE is Ramsey County's official platform for residents to conduct online property records searches and file property documents. Many other third-party websites provided by private as well as public agencies are also available on the Internet. These websites feature aggregate databases containing information about tax, ownership, and legal descriptions of properties in the county.

Note, however, that the information contained on certain third-party sites may not be completely accurate as they may have been outdated or taken from unreliable sources. These sites typically mandate that searchers create accounts on their platform before they can access the records. To view records on any property, a searcher must provide the property owner's name, address, or parcel number in the appropriate space provided on the site.

How to Find Property Owner by Address for Free

Many websites offer tools that allow interested persons to conduct property searches online for free. These tools provide information about the property owner as well as the property itself. An inquirer must provide the property's address or parcel number to retrieve the records which certainly contain the name of the property owner. The County Recorder and Registrar of Titles's office offers free property records search at their office location.

90 West Plato Boulevard
P.O. Box 64099
St. Paul, MN 55107
Phone: (651) 266-2050

Ramsey County Property Tax Lookup

Residents of Ramsey County can look up tax information on their property at the office of the Ramsey County property assessor. The Ramsey County government offers a website where property owners and other interested persons can conduct property tax lookups and also pay their taxes.

On the site, people can search using various options including search by property address, search parcel number, and search by plat/block/lot. A property tax lookup helps anyone to find tax information on any property located in Ramsey County. It also helps to ensure that property owners are paying a fair amount of tax on their property. Property owners may also learn about any property tax credits or exemptions for which they may be eligible.

How to Find Ramsey County Property Appraiser

The office of the Ramsey County Property Assessor appoints appraisers to conduct appraisals for all properties located within its legal jurisdiction. To function as an appraiser in Ramsey County, a person must undergo training and meet certain requirements set by the Minnesota State Board of Assessors. The training covers professional education in customer service, Minnesota statutes, appraisal, and technical training.

The state's Board of Assessors oversees the licensure and practice of appraisers in the state. Appraisers must also hold a professional designation under one of the following:

  • Certified Minnesota Assessor Specialist (CMAS)
  • Certified Minnesota Assessor (CMA)
  • Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor (SAMA)
  • Accredited Minnesota Assessor (AMA)

To find appraisers eligible to practice in Ramsey County, contact the county assessor's office at (651) 266-2131 or visit one of the Ramsey County service center locations.

Ramsey County Property Assessor

The office of the Ramsey County Property Assessor is responsible for determining the classification and estimating market value of properties located in the county. The law requires that the office of the assessor physically inspects each parcel of real estate to estimate a market value appraisal. The assessor also classifies properties into residential (homestead and non-homestead), commercial or agricultural.

The Ramsey County property assessor must physically inspect properties at least once in every five years to assess their current value. Physical changes also affect the assessment and market value of properties over time. The assessor also maintains records of all real properties in the county and facilitates public access to such records. Annual reports are also made publicly available by the assessor's office. Use the contact information below to reach the county assessor's office.

The Ramsey County Assessor
P.O. Box 64097
Saint Paul
MN 55107.
Phone: (651) 266-2131

Alternatively, visit the nearest Ramsey County service center.

Downtown Saint Paul Service Center
121 Seventh Place East
Skyway Level - Suite 2500
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Maplewood Service Center
3001 White Bear Avenue North
Suite 1022A
Maplewood, MN 55109

Roseville Service Center
2180 Hamline Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113.

All service centers are open Mondays through Fridays. The Downtown Saint Paul and Roseville service centers are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., while the Maplewood service center is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Ramsey County, Minnesota Property Records | StateRecords.org (2024)


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