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Warning: This guide assumes you have learned the basics of Incursion from our mechanics guide. Read that first before continuing!

Incursion is a farming strategy that is best used in combination with other strategies namely making an appearance in Delirium and Beyond strategies but is powerful enough that it can be run in any strategy or by itself. Most of the money you make from Incursion will be from selling Itemized temples with specific tier 3 rooms to other players. In this Incursion Farming guide you will learn how to maximize your loot, set the strategy up and optimize your play with essential tips and tricks.






Incursions profitability is based on selling or running well itemized temples containing the following accessible rooms

  • Apex of Ascension (Tier 3 Sacrificial Chamber)
  • Wealth of The Vaal (Tier 3 Vault)
  • Locus of Corruption (Tier 3 Corruption Chamber)
  • Atlas of Worlds (Tier 3 Surveyor's Study)
  • Doryani's Institute (Tier 3 Gemcutter's Workshop)
  • Apex of Atzoatal (Final Boss Room)

Out of the rooms above sell any temple you create with the following rooms on them to other players prioritising pricing the temple around the most expensive connected rooms on it. If it has multiple high value rooms it may be worth even more. You can easily price temples using the Awakened PoE Trade Addon.

  • Locus of Corruption (Tier 3 Corruption Chamber)
  • Doryani's Institute (Tier 3 Gemcutter's Workshop)
  • Apex of Ascension (Tier 3 Sacrificial Chamber)


Incursion can be run in any tier of map with the same opportunity to build and sell the highest value rooms, it's also not hard for most builds and will only require a strong character when combined with mechanics such as Delirium or Beyond.

Incursion can be accessed through the use of Alva missions available on your map device, these are generated occasionally by slaying map bosses. This chance can be boosted by atlas passive points if desired. Alternatively the sextant modifier "map contains Alva" can be applied to a socketed Voidstone to achieve the same effect.

Incursion is a mechanic that is at its strongest when players begin crafting and corrupting end game gear. You should check the prices of temples containing Locus of Corruption and Doryani's Institute before committing to running it.


Incursion can be run on any map layout efficiently but is best on maps you can complete quickly or when it compliments another strategy you're running.

Here’s how to run Incursion maps:

  1. Clear the map normally until you encounter Alva and her temporal Incursion.
  2. Talk to Alva and check both room options for the high value room options mentioned above.
  3. If there are no high value rooms you should upgrade the current room to the next tier by slaying the top architect.
  4. After slaying the architect clear the rest of the incursion and socket Stones of passage that drop into doors.
  5. If you finish early exit the incursion.
  6. Repeat this for the remaining incursions on the map being sure not to miss any.

Tips And Tricks

When encountering an Incursion you will always be offered the option to upgrade an existing room or exchange it for a different one. You will only be offered each room once per temple, if you are offered the corruption chamber and do not swap to it you will not get it again for that temple. Using this knowledge you can safely choose to upgrade all of your rooms unless there is a desirable room you wish to switch to, doing so will increase the overall value of your temples.

When clearing Incursions identify whether you want to upgrade (slay the top architect) or switch the room (slay the bottom one) and prioritise killing the architect immediately. Clear the rest of the incursion in its entirety and loot the Stones of Passage. Check the incursion temple interface using your bound hotkey and do a quick check to see if there are any valuable rooms you can connect to the one you're in. If there isn't, connect a random room.

Atlas Passive Trees

Note: The Incursion atlas passive tree below shows only the essential points required. Incursion should always be paired with an additional strategy and you should spend your remaining points in that strategy.

Recommended Passives

Spend atlas passives on the mechanics and linked guides below. Add the allocated Incursion nodes to them cutting the non-essential points documented in the guides.

Note: The mechanics below are farmable by themselves but are even more effective when combined with Incursion.

Eldritch Altars should always be run on all end game farming strategies so empowering your altar of choice (Eater of Worlds or Searing Exarch) is a necessity.

Alch and Go is a strategy that can be run from the very moment you enter the mapping end game and awards fantastic rewards for low time investment.

Delirium is a mechanic that works best when as many additional mechanics and monsters are added to the map as possible. Adding Incursion to this strategy will increase your earnings substantially.

Beyond is a highly profitable league mechanic to run and spawns additional beyond monsters within each of the incursions in your maps.

Enduring Focus is a passive you must allocate if you are rolling your own sextants, sacrifice non-core passives and modify the provided trees to fit it.


Map Choice

When farming Incursion, small maps that can be completed quickly are always preferred to maximize the temples you are building. Any layout map can be used, but the ones below are particularly well suited for Incursion.

  • City Square/Mesa are considered the fastest and most linear maps in Path of Exile. They are almost identical every time you run them, making them the top picks for speed mapping strategies. Being so small and fast to run means they don't have the best natural mob counts, making them difficult to sustain effectively without investment.
  • Toxic Sewer is one of the best map layouts in Path of Exile, boasting a strong natural monster count for easy map sustain. It is one of the only linear indoor maps, making it a great choice for builds without a lot of AoE that still want to clear extremely fast.
  • Ashen Wood is a small open layout map with a good natural mob count and a very easy boss. It also drops The Scout Divination Card which adds additional profit to your farming sessions.
  • Canyon is similar to Ashen Wood. It is a small open layout map with almost no terrain to obstruct your movement or league mechanics. This makes it easy to run and a great candidate for synergising with other leagues.


Rolling Maps

Rolling your maps correctly is essential for increasing your profits and sustaining the best map layouts.

When running Incursion in the early game, roll your maps using the following method:

  1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your maps are identified and then use an Orb of Scouring on all non-rare maps to make them all normal or rare.
  1. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every non-rare map. Check their modifiers to ensure you can run them. Re-roll maps your character can not run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy again.

When rolling tier 11+ maps roll your maps using the following method:

  1. Clean Your Maps - Ensure all of your maps are identified and then use an Orb of Scouring on them. Make sure they are all normal rarity since achieving 20% quality on white maps requires significantly less with Cartographer's Chisels.
  1. Chiseling - Use Cartographer's Chisels on all of your maps until each one is 20% quality.
  1. Alchemy Orbs - Use Orbs of Alchemy on every 20% quality map and ensure you can run their modifiers. Re-roll maps your character can not run using Orb of Scouring and Orb of Alchemy again.
  1. Vaal Orbs - Use Vaal Orbs on all of your appropriately rolled maps. Some maps may transform or receive new modifiers so ensure that you weed out any your build cannot run. On average, using Vaal Orbs on high tier maps is worth it.


Incursion farming does not require any specific sextant modifiers, but if you do not have Alva missions available you can use the Awakened Sextant modifier that forces the mechanic into your maps.

Warning: When rolling your own sextants you must allocate Enduring Focus discussed in the atlas passive tree portion of this guide.

When using Awakened Sextants you can also roll additional monster packs on all your available void stones to increase earnings and map sustain. Use Surveyor's Compass on valuable sextants you don't want to use so they can be sold.

Selling Your Temples

Here we will discuss the various temple rooms, why they are valuable and what kind of loot you can expect to get if you run them.


Speed Running Your Temple

Temples you create that do not contain the Locus of Corruption or Doryani's Institute but do contain some other high value rooms you're interested in should be run as fast as possible.

Most rooms in incursion temples contain no loot or inferior versions of league mechanics found in maps skip all but the following rooms and plot as fast a path as possible through your temple to maximise your rewards.

  • Wealth of the Vaal (Currency)
  • Apex of Ascension (Transform a Unique)
  • Atlas of Worlds (Maps and Currency)
  • Apex of Atzoatl (Vials)
  • Museum of Artefacts (Currency and Items)

Orbs of Horizon

If you are struggling to sustain high tier maps with layouts for speed mapping and Incursion you can use Orbs of Horizons to transform maps you don't have a use for into good layouts.

Each tier of maps will transform into a specific set of map layouts which change each league. Use Orbs of Horizons on the following tiers of maps you don't have a use for to re-stock your map pool for Incursion.

Tier 16 - Toxic Sewer

Tier 15 - Dunes, Ashen Wood, Grotto

Tier 14 - Canyon, Underground Sea

Some of these maps are fantastic for Incursion while some are just mediocre, however using all of the recommended maps here will allow you to easily sustain a map pool early on in a league.


This guide explains:

  • The low character and currency requirements of Incursion.
  • The power of selling powerful temples to high end players after league start.
  • How to run and make currency from the strategy.
  • The essential atlas passives required for Incursion
  • Fantastic accompanying strategies to pair with Incursion
  • What temple rooms offer and whether to sell or run them


Written by Grimro.
Reviewed by Fyregrass.

Incursion Farming Guide - META Guide - PoE - (2024)


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