Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (2024)

Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (1)

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Stirling has a thriving scene of amazing Independent businesses. Among them, you can find real culinary gems and venues that will make you want to keep coming back.

There’s something for everyone so read on and find what nourishes your body and soul.

Stirling for Haute Cuisine Connoisseurs

Visit Brea Scottish Restaurant which is often recognized as the best restaurant in Stirling. Try delicious haggis bon bons and turnip purée with whisky sauce, a selection of Scottish beef and seafood and delightful desserts accompanied by perfectly paired beverages that can be recommended to you by their knowlegable staff. Brea has also just been recognized as the best restaurant in Scotland in the Scottish Food Awards.

Stirling’s first and only tasting restaurant An Darna, should also not miss from your list if you’re a foodie. A carefully curated menu of 5 courses (3 choices for each course) perfectly paired with wine (or not) that completely changes every five weeks.

Try Scholars Restaurant at the Highland Hotel, the only Stirling restaurant awarded one Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence.

Fletcher’s, The Allan Park and Friars Wynd are also delightful restaurants for any occasion.

Friar's wyndBreaFletcher'sFletcher's

Stirling for Afternoon Tea Devotees

Savour an elegant assortment of finger sandwiches, mini cakes and scones with cream and jam accompanied by tea, coffee or a glass of prosecco in Golden Lion, Cowane’s Hospital or The Allan Park.

Where to go for an Afternoon Tea in Stirling

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Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (2)

Stirling for Fresh Pastry Lovers

The fantastic Vera Artisan Bakery should be on the top of your list. Include Jana’s Bakery along withMint Cafe and you have three great choices at multiple locations throughout the City.

Stirling for Spice Addicts

When it comes to Indian cuisine, everyone has their favourite restaurant but we suggest that you mix it up a little. Stirling has 7 restaurants serving Indian food and one recently opened buffet-style restaurant. Indian Cottage has unbeatable lunch menus, Mint Leaf has a beautiful interior and plating style, Maharaja is often quoted as the best and Green Gates offers an unforgettable atmosphere. Rishi’s Indian Aroma has recently opened in City Centre and offers a fantastic family centric atmosphere. Learn more about the unique culinary style with our“Guide to Stirling’s Indian Restaurant” blog post.

Green GatesMaharajaRana'sRishis

Guide to Stirling’s Indian Restaurants

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Stirling for Vegans

If you never tried HBW Coffee, then you’re missing out. Vegan or not, everyone loves their fantastic plant-based dishes. Then there’s Cafe Aina, a family restaurant that combines Scottish and greek flavours delivering an exquisite 50% vegan menu. From all vegan bar snack favourites, to vegan coffee and cakes,Nooch Bar and Kitchen has curated a menu that is completely vegan friendly. The seasonal dishes are a can’t miss experience.

Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (5)

Top Vegan Restaurants and Cafés in Stirling

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Stirling for co*cktail Enthusiasts

MiMi’s Stirling and Meraki are two bars where you are guaranteed to taste your new favourite co*cktail every time you visit. Or how about trying Stirling’s newest bar, King Cons. For the ultimate co*cktail experience don’t miss out on your chance to join in the inauguralStirling co*cktail Week 2023. Purchase your wristband to gain access to discounts and special events from some of your favourite businesses.

Guide to Stirling’s Best co*cktail Bars

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Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (6)

Stirling for Brunch Fanatics

Brunch from Fletcher’s or Toast will put a smile on your face thanks to their not-so-ordinary selection and friendly service. Fuel up for your outing in Stirling with an all-day Full Scottish Breakfast from The Pend Café, Deli & Bistro. The Pend offers a charming atmosphere in a courtyard off Port Street

Top 10 Breakfast and Brunch Places in Stirling

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Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (7)

Stirling for Comfort Food Seekers

Pizza lovers should not miss out on Il Vicolo, a little takeaway authentic pizzeria. TJ’s Diner and Slanj A Va should also make it to your list if you’re looking for tasty comfort food.

Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (8)

Old & Cosy Pubs for Entertainment

Nothing says a stay in Stirling like a visit to the oldest alehouse in town. The Settle Inn was established in 1733 and is still serving travellers from far and wide. Enjoy local and national pints in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The evenings host enjoyment of live music or pub quizzes.

Fun Things to Do in Stirling in the Evening – Live Music, Pub Quizzes and More

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A Guide to Stirling Beer Gardens

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Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (9)

Where to go for an Afternoon Tea in Stirling

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Dining Spots for a Romantic Date

For a romantic evening of dining, put Italia Nostra, Mamma Mia, Hermann’s and Mediterranea on your itinerary.

Located on Baker Street, Italia Nostra is a charming restaurant that offers a wide selection of Mediterranean cuisine and Italian wines. Mamma Mia is an award-winning intimate Italian restaurant on Spittal Street. In Hermann’s you can find an array of delightful Austrian dishes using the best ingredients from the Scottish larder. Mediterranea offers fantastic mezze plats and tapas.

Stirling’s Most Romantic Restaurants

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Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (10)
Best Places to Eat in Stirling - Independent Stirling (2024)


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